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Who we are?

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What personal data we collect and why we collect it?

  1. When customers enroll for a course, we collect the data shown in the enrollment form and checkout form. It includes customer name, billing address, IP address, and browser user agent string. This data is collected to provide access to the course and lessons.
  2. When customers request for online ayurvedic consultation, we collect the data shown in the ayurvedic consultation form. It includes contact person name, patient name, address, and medical history and answers to ayurvedic analysis questionnaire shown on the form. We use this data to provide ayurvedic consultation.
  3. When you contact us, we collect data that you provide us in your email. We use this data to reply to your queries.
  4. We process the payment with PayPal. Your use of PayPal is subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. You should check these policies and terms on the PayPal website.
  5. We also use Google ReCaptcha on our website and services. Your use of Google ReCaptcha is subject to the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. ReCaptcha is only used to fight spam and abuse.
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